Value In Benefits

Community Health Ventures (CHV), business development affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), and Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. have partnered through the Value in Benefits (ViB) Program to help health centers control the cost of employee health insurance. Through ViB, Nonstop offers health centers a partially self-insured healthcare program that lowers the cost of employee health benefits, enhances coverage, and reduces or eliminates all employee out-of-pocket expenses.

This program is built from existing group health insurance and offers an immediate reduction in premiums without having to change carriers, unless desired – and better benefits for employee recruitment and retention.


Why Nonstop?

As part of the ViB Program, Nonstop provides a win-win experience for both health centers and their employees, who work to make our communities better. Nonstop offers premium cost-containment or reduction for organizations with 50 employees or more on benefits, and reduces or eliminates out-of-pocket costs for employees.

Key Benefits of the Nonstop Wellness Program for Employers

Reduced annual premiums

Reduced annual premiums

Recruitment and retention support with $0 out-of-pockets

Recruitment and retention support

A one-stop shop for billing, claims, and benefits admin

A one-stop shop for billing, claims, and benefits admin

Return a portion of unspent reserve funds

Return a portion of unspent reserve funds

One monthly bill

One monthly bill

No financial barriers or administrative obstacles

Reduced financial barriers or administrative obstacles

Key Benefits of the Nonstop Wellness Program for Employees

Customized and enhanced benefits

Customized and enhanced benefits without the need to change carriers

No carrier changes

Eliminated or reduced deductibles, copays, and coinsurance

A focus on early access and proactive wellness

A focus on early access and proactive wellness

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Learn how other community health centers are reducing costs while providing better, more affordable access to care for their workforce.

Westside Community Services

San Francisco, CA // 73 Enrollees

Nonstop’s commitment to community health centers is apparent in everything they do, from the cost savings to administrative support to customer service. The team at Nonstop has been a true partner with Westside through every step of the process, and now our employees receive much improved benefits at a fraction of the cost to both them and our organization.
– Shalece Booker, COO


Rogue Community Health

Medford, OR // 109 Enrollees

By providing improved benefits at a much lower cost and with no out-of-pocket expenses, both RCH and our staff will have more opportunities to use valuable dollars in the areas where they will have the most impact. For RCH that means expanded patient access and staff development, and for employees that means more money each month for family, home and other life expenses.
– William North, CEO


East Valley Community Health Center

West Covina, CA // 178 Enrollees

Nonstop Wellness allows us to provide a comprehensive, high-quality healthcare plan at an affordable price to East Valley employees. At the same time, we are able to save valuable administrative time and operating funds, which can be re-directed to areas of need within our communities.
– Linda Chau, HR director


Lifelong Medical Care

Berkeley, CA // 405 Enrollees

With Nonstop Wellness not only will Lifelong employees and their families have access to vastly improved benefits at significantly reduced costs, but the organizational savings means more money and opportunities to expand on the quality care we already provide our clients.
– Kanwar Singh, CFO