What is Nonstop Wellness?

Nonstop Wellness is a health benefits program that allows nonprofits to fund their employees’ healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket expenses while also saving on premiums annually. Nonstop Wellness combines an ACA-compliant health plan from Aetna and Kaiser with a section 105 medical expense reimbursement plan (MERP), which covers all employee out-of-pocket costs.

The heart of any organization is its employees.
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Employees can visit in-network providers, pick up covered prescriptions and receive covered medical procedures, all without a financial barrier — no copays, deductibles, no coinsurance.


Employers can choose from either the Kaiser or Aetna network.



Nonstop Wellness provides employers with a significant health insurance cost savings solution. Employers benefit with VitalHealth with competitive composite, not age-banded rates, and level-funded premiums with no unexpected month-to-month variances.

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Nonstop Wellness is easy for both the employer and employees to understand and utilize, offering dedicated member support, limited paperwork, a medically-coded “Visa Card” that covers most in-network copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, and a state of the art online enrollment & billing system that generates one bill for all lines of coverage. COBRA Administration is included.


In addition to Medical offerings, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance are also offered with no enrollment minimums. The Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is offered at $1.00 per month per employee and free if your group is enrolled in Metlife Short & Long-Term Disability.

“At the Center for Nonprofit Advancement we are committed to offering high quality benefits to our team members and members of our association, participating in our VitalHealth program. We are delighted by our partnership with Nonstop Wellness, as it brings innovation and strategy that ensures all participants have access to the most cost competitive, equitable health benefits available.”

-Glen O’Gilvie, CEO, The Center for Nonprofit Advancement


For specific questions, please contact Aziza Rush at azizar@nonprofitadvancement.org or Elisha Hardy at elishah@nonprofitadvancement.org

Nonstop is grateful for the support of national and state-level partners, including:

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