What is your organization's health insurance goal?

I want to offer competitive benefits to my employees.

Nonstop helps you offer:

  • Richer health benefit plans with alternative care options.
  • Reduced premium costs for employees.
  • Reduced employee out-of-pocket expenses.

Healthcare is expensive.
We need to save money.

Nonstop saves you in three ways:

  • Reduced premiums.
  • Return of reserves – funding that can be used to hire and retain staff, or to fund programs and services.
  • Reduced employee out-of-pocket expenses.

nonstop-wellness-250x92 logoYou don’t have to choose between saving your organization money and providing competitive benefits to your employees. With Nonstop Wellness, you can offer richer benefits and save 12.5%.

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We are not a traditional healthcare broker.


Nonstop provides premium healthcare benefits and administrative services at a reduced cost to the organizations that need it most: nonprofits. With Nonstop Wellness, organizations with over 50 employees on healthcare benefits save a baseline of 12.5% on their healthcare spend – savings for both the employer and employee.

Asian Health Services

David and his team at Nonstop have been changing the paradigm and coming up with a unique and innovative structure to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare premiums. We are pleased to be one of the many beneficiaries.

— John Chiang, CFO


All we want to do is give our employees the best benefits, best ease of use and the best cost. Our employees are Ettore, and we want to treat them right. That is what Nonstop is providing for us.

— Rufus Bunch, COO

East Bay Community Recovery Project

We at EBCRP would much rather see our money used to provide much needed services to the community, thereby accomplishing our Mission Statement, rather than paying high fees to very profitable companies.

— Charlotte Harper, CFO

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)

Nonstop is investing in nonprofits and communities by producing cost savings to employees and to organizations, which is a tremendous financial relief. In addition, Nonstop’s innovative practices and their level of customer service make them a quadruple threat in the healthcare world. Its an amazing relationship.

— Donald Frazier, Executive Director

San Francisco Study Center

With Nonstop I feel like we are working with someone who truly understands nonprofits, and our budgetary needs and restrictions. Paying less for healthcare each month means that we now have more money to do our ‘real’ work of supporting the Bay Area communities with informational resources. It’s been a very positive experience working with Nonstop.

— John David Nunez, Bookkeeper

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