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We understand as a leader of a nonprofit, you wish you could provide your employees with quality affordable health insurance.

Imagine no further.

The Problem

In the last 10 years, health insurance premiums have risen 55% and deductibles have risen 157%*. The result is employee health insurance that neither nonprofits nor their employees can afford.

* According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey

The Solution

Nonstop Wellness is a health insurance program designed exclusively for nonprofits which provides:

  • Savings in premiums
  • Reduced or eliminated employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Better access to care for a healthier and happier workforce

Everyone Benefits

For employers, with more than 50 employees receiving health benefits, Nonstop’s direct savings and improved coverage provide a better long-run healthcare and wellness experience — by significantly increasing access to services while reducing everyone’s financial obligation.

With Nonstop, nonprofits can:

Save on premiums while keeping the same carrier and network.

Improve morale and recruitment efforts by reducing or eliminating healthcare expenses for all employees.

Receive cost-effective benefits administration and claims management tools.

With Nonstop, nonprofit employees can:

Use their healthcare with a reduced or eliminated out-of-pocket experience.

Keep their same providers.

Enjoy better health, a higher quality of life, and improved morale at work.

Tech Impact isn’t just leading the way when it comes to providing tech innovations to nonprofits, they are also committed to caring for their employees through the implementation of a strong employee retention and recruitment strategy, which we are proud to be part of.

Unity Health Care’s staff shares what makes working for Unity such a rewarding experience and how they pay that care and support forward into the Washington D.C. community in this new video. At Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, we’re proud to be part of their strategy to create and retain a happy and healthy workforce.

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