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The cost of health insurance is crushing the American workforce – and their employers

In the last 10 years, health insurance premiums have risen 55% and deductibles have risen 157%*. The result is employee health insurance that neither employers nor their employees can afford.

* According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey


Employees get first-dollar coverage, meaning that they can go to the doctor, get their prescriptions, without a financial burden – no deductibles, no copays, no coinsurance.


Employers save 8-10% on premiums compared to a traditional gold-level plan.

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Health insurance premiums are level-funded with no unexpected variances month to month.


Take control of your health consumption data with real-time reporting on claim expenditures. Use to negotiate better rates and tailor employee education and plan design.

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Low Deductible
High Deductible

These examples are based on 150 employees on a health plan. Savings are not representative of all groups and are not indicative of results for all organizations.

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