Reimagine Health Insurance

Eliminate employee
out-of-pocket expenses

At Nonstop, healthcare is more than a transaction

We believe that no one should be without quality affordable health insurance. Nonstop Wellness is a partially self-insured healthcare program for nonprofits that reduces premium costs, and eliminates out of pocket expenses for employees.  Our staff is deeply committed to our mission: one nonprofit at a time, we’re making healthcare more equitable.

Nonstop Wellness
  • Retain and recruit top talent with platinum-level benefits
  • Maintain your current carrier or network
Nonstop Savings
  • $0 copay $0 deductibles $0 coinsurance $0 prescriptions for every employee
  • Average total organizational cost savings of 12.5%*
    *For organizations with more than 50 members on health benefits on a Gold or Platinum-level plan
Nonstop Technology
  • Benefits administration + claims management
  • Convenient and secure employee portal

Employee Healthcare Reimagined

“David and his team at Nonstop have been changing the paradigm and coming up with a unique and innovative structure to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare premiums. We are pleased to be one of the many beneficiaries.”

John Chiang    //    Former CFO – Asian Health Services

Nonstop never stops

Check out our upcoming events and webinars to learn more about Nonstop:

Financial, Operations Management/IT Conference
October 25–27, 2017 // Las Vegas, NV

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Trouble retaining employees?

Research shows that healthcare coverage is rated as the most important benefit to employees. Learn more by downloading our Nonprofit Executive’s Guide to Partial Self-Insurance.

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