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We understand as a leader of a nonprofit, you wish you could provide your employees with quality affordable health insurance.

Imagine no further.

The Problem

In the last 10 years, health insurance premiums have risen 55% and deductibles have risen 157%*. The result is employee health insurance that neither nonprofits nor their employees can afford.

* According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey

The Solution

Nonstop Wellness is a health insurance program designed exclusively for nonprofits which provides:

  • Savings in premiums
  • Reduced or eliminated employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Better access to care for a healthier and happier workforce

Everyone Benefits

For employers, with more than 50 employees receiving health benefits, Nonstop’s direct savings and improved coverage provide a better long-run healthcare and wellness experience — by significantly increasing access to services while reducing everyone’s financial obligation.

With Nonstop, nonprofits can:

Save on premiums while keeping the same carrier and network.

Improve morale and recruitment efforts by reducing or eliminating healthcare expenses for all employees.

Receive cost-effective benefits administration and claims management tools.

With Nonstop, nonprofit employees can:

Use their healthcare with a reduced or eliminated out-of-pocket experience.

Keep their same providers.

Enjoy better health, a higher quality of life, and improved morale at work.

Our Well-Covered Clients

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