Nonstop is a business on a mission

At Nonstop, we believe healthcare is more than a transaction that happens when you suddenly fall ill or become injured

We are all about community

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

Team photo of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. from Sonoma California

In 2012, we founded our company on the belief that communities are most effective when high-quality healthcare is accessible – before and whenever help is needed.  Initially, our flagship program, Nonstop Wellness, was only available to nonprofit organizations. Our belief was that this will make healthcare more equitable for nonprofits so that they can thrive and their employees can continue to make communities happier and healthier places — and be more competitive employers. 

But, eight years later, it has never been more evident than now: our nation’s current healthcare system is broken — riddled with a lack of transparency, inefficiencies, and cost-shifting tactics. And, it’s not only nonprofits that need relief from the rising premiums and employee out-of-pocket costs — but all employers. 

As premiums continue rising, organizations are being forced to reduce employee benefits, raise premiums, or both. Employers are burdened with shouldering the increase or cost-shifting to employees. With costs shifting to employees and the inflation of healthcare overall, real wages are decreasing.

Our health insurance solutions offer a customized approach that provides the potential for immediate premium savings, platinum-level benefits, and significantly reduced out-of-pocket expenses for employees. Nonstop is designed for employers with more than 50 employees on benefits and does not require carrier, provider, or insurance broker changes.

For employers and employees alike, the direct savings and improved benefits mean better benefits for your employees for less.

David Sloves
David Sloves, Founder/CEO

Our mission drives our service

The Nonstop team takes immense pride in our level of customer service and the ability to develop strong trusting relationships with our clients.

A healthy community is a thriving one. Early access and preventative care is key to driving the wellbeing of our communities. Everyone deserves equal access to comprehensive health coverage.

Nothing is greater than the power of human connection: no complicated automated phone system, no 45-minute hold for the next agent to get the answers you need.

Technology is the foundation for a better healthcare system. Nonstop’s proprietary technology means simple, streamlined, and more efficient benefits administration, claims management, and billing — all under one roof.

Meet our leadership team

David Sloves, CEO and Founder of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

David Sloves
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Expertise: David’s route to health insurance innovation was not a straight line. He has always had a passion for mathematics and economics and has used his aptitude for numbers to lead a variety of different ventures over his career. Founding and leading Nonstop has allowed him to use his precise, analytical approach to modeling in combination with, his passion for social equity as the foundation of Nonstop’s mission of health equity regardless of socioeconomic status.

Known for: David is committed to combating the status quo of the unjust and unsustainable health insurance system. As the CEO of Nonstop, he is a dogged advocate for breaking down barriers that inhibit equitable, affordable and high-quality health care access.

Most likely to: Reference a philosopher or social justice advocate during a conversation about insurance.

Direct Quote: “The biggest difference between Nonstop and other businesses starts with our mission. We originally started this company to level the playing field for nonprofits, and we eventually extended that mission. We’re seeking to bring health equity to employees and economic justice to their organizations across the country.”

Darrell Young, CTO and Founder of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Darrell Young
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Expertise: As Nonstop’s resident information technology expert and co-founder, Darrell brings to Nonstop an innovative perspective, drive for knowledge and leading-edge ingenuity to everything he does.

Known for: Darrell guides the creation and implementation of the technology that is core to Nonstop’s white-glove services and solutions.  His role includes the construction of proprietary member and client portals as well as internal systems and business management technologies.

Most likely to: Look surprised that he’s on a Zoom meeting.

Direct quote: “I have a background in software and tech, and sometimes, working in that industry, the effect is not tangible. But, with Nonstop, we are bringing real people real access to quality health care, and that’s what matters.”

Scott Perlman, CFO of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Scott Perlman
Chief Financial Officer

Expertise: Scott brings extensive expertise to the table as he works to ensure business continuity, financial planning and ethical corporate financial practices. 

Known for: While Scott is known for his expertise in entrepreneurship and business finance, a passion for social and impact-based organizations underlies all of his professional ventures — Nonstop is no exception.

Most likely to: Take the entire company to Burning Man and make sure they all return home safely and on time.

Direct quote: “I love to work as a catalyst to help people succeed as we work to help nonprofits and mission-based organizations save money and reinvest further in their community.”

Kristin Donahue, CMO of Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Kristin Donahue
Chief Growth Officer

Expertise: As a former educator and communications specialist, Kristin’s shift into the healthcare arena has allowed her to apply a unique lense to an often overcomplicated and inequitable situation. Kristin excels at building high performing, cross-functional teams that specialize in building and sustaining organizational growth. 

Known for: Part of what motivated Kristin to join the Nonstop team is her passion for health equity and access to care.

Most likely to: Refuse to pack a suitcase for a work trip and wear the same outfit for three days. 

Direct quote: “Nonstop’s mission is what sets our work apart — I really enjoy the opportunity to help employers provide better access to care for their employees. Access is about affordability and availability — and, ultimately, equity.”

Sales and Marketing

Rachel Johnson
Vice President – Channel Sales

Expertise: Rachel channels her drive to amplify Nonstop’s solutions across the country through partnering with health insurance brokers with shared values. Brokers look to Rachel’s expertise to find substantial wins for their clients. While many sales people are just selling a product, Rachel spends every day partnering with industry experts to help show how a redesigned health plan can remove barriers in access to care.

Known for: Tenaciously seeking solutions for broker partners through candid conversations, high-octane analysis and a genuine belief in Nonstop’s mission, ethics and values.

Most Likely to: Drive everyone around in a new city in traffic without getting lost or stressed (despite poor directions from colleagues…).

Direct quote: “I’m helping brokers save America from inequitable plan design.”

Matt Gougler
Vice President – Content and Branding

Expertise: With an extensive healthcare marketing and communications background, Matt brings a wealth of experience in digital content creation and brand development.

Known for: His continuous search for ways to make positive improvements to a very complicated system. 

Most likely to: Arrive at the next work conference via motorcycle.

Direct quote: “My passion is pursuing innovative new ideas that can truly make a positive difference in this industry.”

Jody Schreffler
Vice President – Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Expertise: Jody is a proven expert in cultivating relationships and generating opportunity by working closely with Nonstop’s business partners located across the country.

Known for: Jody is known for having authentic conversations that lead to meaningful and personal relationships with Nonstop’s partners. Jody inspires her own team to do the same with their business relationships. 

Most likely to: During conference travel, know where the nearest karaoke piano bar is, in any city, at any time day or night.

Direct quote:  “Creating real, immediate and equitable change in how working Americans access their healthcare is what drives me day in and day to work nonstop. Pun intended.”

Danielle Ledford
Vice President – Sales

Expertise: Danielle connects leaders and consultants with solutions that will help them layer equity, compassion and financial resilience into their employer-sponsored health insurance programs so that they can offer plans that address workforce challenges while also attracting and retaining happy, healthy employees.

Known for: Danielle prides herself on integrity and attention to detail; people trust Danielle to navigate the complexities of the health insurance market in a search for innovative, cost-saving benefit solutions.

Most likely to: Graciously and deliciously host a Nonstop company party.

Direct Quote: “I love what I do. I get to help real people get access to quality affordable healthcare everyday.”

Account and Client Services

Chris Fountas
Vice President – Client Services

Expertise: Chris has spent 30 years in the healthcare industry managing client relationships, strategy and account management teams.  Chris’ career has focused on helping clients choose the best medical benefits, ancillary coverages, and financial solutions.

Known for: As a straight-shooter with an East Coast edge, Chris leads the account executive team in developing strong and lasting client relationships. 

Most likely to: Forgive and fuhgedd-about-it.

Direct Quote: “Our account management team’s purpose is to be a conduit for every client; advocating their needs internally to the Nonstop organization and outwardly to the insurance marketplace.”

Kathleen Callaghan
Vice President – Education and Training

Expertise: Training and education has been a cornerstone of Kathleen’s professional life including being a tour guide in college, a consumer public relations specialist, and pediatric speech-language pathologist – all of which culminated in her current role at Nonstop. Kathleen and her team place a strong emphasis on creating positive client and member experiences when providing education and training programs, and approach every interaction with a collaborative and solutions-oriented mindset.  

Known for: Kathleen is an insatiable solution-finder and customer champion both within her sphere and across the company at large.
Most likely to: Travel around the world tasting and learning about craft chocolate.

Direct Quote: “I pride myself on being a strong and reliable resource, whether it’s for Nonstop employees or our clients. My real joy lies in helping people.”

Dionne Watson
Vice President – Transaction Management

Expertise: Prior to Nonstop, Dionne cultivated a background in engineering and systems management for major, well-known organizations across a wide range of industries. At Nonstop, Dionne strives daily to keep member services running smoothly and seamlessly so that Nonstop can provide plan members with unrivaled service.

Known for: Being a champion of structure, process and integrity, Dionne’s meticulous attention to detail is what helps to create the Nonstop experience for client organizations and their members. 

Most likely to: Start her own nonprofit to rescue and adopt tiny dogs.

Direct quote: “I’ve worked with many different organizations, but what has been most important to me — even before I got into healthcare — is that it has always been about helping people.”

Lesly Cracchiolo
Vice President – Technical Product Management

Expertise: Lesly has an extensive background in working with Development teams to deliver high quality products and services to clients in an array of businesses and industries. 

Known for: Her positive attitude, helpful nature, and unique weirdness. 

Most likely to: Be part of the musical entertainment with Graham at a Nonstop function.

Direct quote: “Everyday I am excited to work in a field and for a company that allows me to create solutions for a variety of clients wants and needs! It’s exciting to be part of something that helps others to grow and prosper in their business and in life.”