Nonstop is a business with a mission

Our goal is simple: to reduce the inflationary costs of healthcare for nonprofits by changing how it's delivered

A New Way Of Funding Healthcare

Partially self-insuring provides fewer financial obstacles and better management of many administrative tasks — while still retaining the cost savings and flexibility of a self-insured plan.

Traditionally the only true healthcare option for most small-midsize organizations has been fully-funded insurance, which can be expensive, reactive, and non-customizable. And while cost-savings and customization are available through self-insuring, the significant financial and operational risks have made it only feasible for large-scale employers.

But Nonstop has developed an integrative approach to healthcare with partial self-insurance, providing a “one stop shop” for consolidated billing, transaction facilitation, and benefits administration. The Nonstop Wellness program allows for greater financial control over healthcare spending, including premium and out-of-pocket cost savings, a focus on proactive wellness, and customized benefit options. In addition, Nonstop removes all of the financial barriers associated with partially self-funding and efficiently manages reserve funds.

Better benefits for your employees

More money for your organization

At Nonstop we believe that healthcare is more than a transaction that happens when you suddenly fall ill or injured. Our company is based on the idea that in order for communities to be effective, wellness must be a priority – both before and when help is needed.

But our current system of healthcare is broken, riddled with fees, inefficiencies and cost-shifting tactics that don’t emphasize wellness or benefit organizations in the long run. Employers often feel the pain of increasing premium costs, maintaining ACA compliance, and providing enough quality benefits to attract talented staff. On the flip side, employees must face the challenge of more financial responsibility being shifted their way – resulting in a very real loss of wages each month.

Our objective is to shift the paradigm so that nonprofits – and their employees – can begin to see healthcare as an asset, not a burden. Our approach to partially self-funded healthcare provides employers with a

baseline savings of 12.5%, plus platinum-level benefits and significantly reduced out-of-pocket costs for staff. For both employers and employees the direct savings, as well as improved benefits, result in a better long-term healthcare and wellness experience. In addition, we take immense pride in our level of customer service and our ability to develop strong, trusting relationships with our clients.

We believe that no one should be without quality, affordable healthcare that emphasizes both prevention and solutions. And we’ve developed a transparent system, innovative technology and an experienced team to back that belief up.

Work with people who believe in what they do

Nonstop is committed to changing the healthcare playing field with an innovative solution that counteracts inflationary spending. Our business has been built from the ground up with the sole aim of providing nonprofits with a thoughtful and unique approach to healthcare that removes any financial or administrative barriers.

We believe in our mission

We were founded on the strong belief that everyone should have access to health benefits. This sense of purpose informs our everyday business practices.

We believe that simple = better

Nonstop is the simple answer to the complicated problem that is healthcare. And we have the innovative technology and experienced team to back it up.

We believe in delivering expertise to your door

Nonstop’s support team consists exclusively of experienced industry professionals who are always at your fingertips.

We believe in changing the industry

We aim to disrupt the inflationary healthcare industry and provide an innovative solution to rising administration costs for nonprofits.

We believe that technology should reduce workloads

Our benefits administration technology allows more ease-of-use through self-serve capabilities and integration with other systems such as HR and payroll.

We believe in a commitment to nonprofits

Through the Nonstop for Nonprofits program, Nonstop reinvests 1/10th of its revenue back into the communities it serves to fund programming, events, fundraising and training opportunities.

Key Staff

David Sloves

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

David has developed repeatable, cost-effective solutions to complex business problems for Fortune 500 clients since the 1980’s. He has a strong commitment to human rights, heath care advocacy and environmental awareness. While using technology to solve the great healthcare dilemma is a passion of David’s, he also enjoys hiking, skiing and travel.

Darrell Young

Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Darrell oversees the technology platform for Nonstop, developing innovative solutions to support the company’s business model. He has been a developer for more than 15 years, with 10 years of it in the benefits and insurance domain. Early in his career, he co-developed three peer-to-peer network patents before entering the domain of benefits management.

Kristin Donahue

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristin oversees marketing and strategic outreach for the community managers at Nonstop. She is passionate about ending homelessness and hunger, and supports poverty eradication organizations.  Kristin loves traveling, and one day hopes to pack up her family for an around-the-world adventure.

Danielle Ledford

Community Liaison

Danielle creates customized benefits packages for nonprofits and is a first line of contact for those interested in a savings analysis. She believes that everyone should have access to high quality healthcare.  Danielle loves entertaining, live music, visiting new countries, and most of all hanging with her husband and two small children.

Jody Schreffler

Public and Community Relations

Jody is responsible for public outreach, events, and Nonstop’s community fund program. She has volunteered with the Oregon Humane Society, the Oregon Food Bank, and NW Housing Alternatives. Jody can be found most weekends chasing her new puppy, working on her urban 6-acre farm, and watching Marvel TV shows with her family.

Dillon Rice

Technical Operations Manager

Dillon is responsible for data and information management and transmission. He actively supports wilderness stewardship. On weekends, Dillon can be found rock climbing at his local gym, or backpacking and camping throughout California.

Dionne Watson

Account Manager

Dionne manages client relationships, ensuring a consistent and timely point-of-contact. She is committed to rescue dogs and helping Oakland thrive. Dionne enjoys all kinds of television shows – reality, competition, sports, mystery, sci-fi and documentary – and just being with her family.

Graham Edwards

Chief Operating Officer

Graham has more than 25 years of technology and operations experience ranging from large corporations such as Intel and Accenture to a host of internet start ups.  Most recently, Graham was founding CEO for S3 Technical Solutions (now part of Exigen Insurance Services).  When not battling backyard rattlesnakes, Graham spends his weekends with his family and playing guitar in a local Sonoma band.

Scott Perlman

Chief Financial Officer

Scott has more than twenty years experience having founded, served on the board of directors, and/or worked as COO/CFO of numerous companies, including Akonia Holographics, The Chotin Group, Think Like a Genius, Inspire Commerce, Dynamac Computer, KULA Causes, and Psi-Phi Technology Corporation.

Patricia Swatzell

Director of Operations

Pat oversees account management at Nonstop. She hopes that someday no one will have to go to bed hungry and supports her local food bank to help make a difference. Pat enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.

Rachel Johnson

Community Liaison

Rachel creates customized benefits packages for nonprofits and is a first line of contact for those interested in a savings analysis. She is committed to supporting community health, and access to affordable healthcare for everyone. Rachel spends most of her free time with her family, especially playing with her new baby son.

Natasha Orozco

Public and Community Relations

Natasha fosters relationships within the nonprofit sector as well as supports marketing and outreach efforts for Nonstop. She is passionate about empowering children and adults with development disabilities, supports victims of domestic violence situations, and helps the vulnerable populations of women and children in Latin America. Natasha loves spending time with her one-year old son and exploring the world through his eyes.

Andrea Kober

Client Service Specialist

Andrea supports Nonstop clients with outstanding needs or issues. She is committed to causes such as spay/neuter programs and animal welfare. In her downtime, Andrea can typically be found checking out new books at the library or catching up on the latest films at a local movie theater.