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Meaningful and Affordable Access to Healthcare for the Mid-Size Market.

Previously offered to nonprofits only, Nonstop Wellness is now available for qualifying mid-size (50–2000) companies.

Evaluating your employer-sponsored health insurance can lead to:

workforce productivity
Improved retention
of top talent
Better recruitment

How? Simple – Nonstop offers health insurance premium cost-containment for organizations with 50 employees or more on benefits, and reduces or eliminates out-of-pocket costs for employees, leading to a more loyal and efficient workforce.

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When turnover can cost more than 20% of an employee's annual salary, staying competitive using high-quality benefits matters. With Nonstop Wellness, you'll have:

Better healthcare benefits, which equals a happier, more productive employee

Lowered or eliminated employee out-of-pocket and prescription costs

Increased satisfaction with compensation and benefits

Employees can have physical and financial health without negatively impacting your budget

Access to preventive care for your workforce, meaning less sick days and medical leave

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