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Center for Human Services

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Unity Health Care

Unity Health Care’s staff shares what makes working for Unity such a rewarding experience and how they pay that care and support forward into the Washington D.C. community in this new video.

Tech Impact

Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.

The Next Door

The Next Door provides numerous health and wellness services, financial assistance, educational resources and other essential aids to the Mid-Columbia region of Washington and Oregon.

Center for Human Services

See how Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services supports their happy and healthy work culture via enhancing their recruitment and retention strategies.

Direction Services

Direction Service Offers Platinum Healthcare for Employees through the Nonstop Wellness Program

San Francisco Study Center

For the San Francisco Study Center, Nonstop was able to provide a comprehensive plan with reduced premium costs, the elimination of employee out-of-pocket costs, improved benefits, and the potential for significant Return of Reserves funds.

Example savings with Nonstop
Low Deductible
High Deductible

These examples are based on 150 employees on a health plan. Savings are not representative of all groups and are not indicative of results for all organizations.

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