Asian Health Services faced unwelcome increases in their employee healthcare rates

Case Study: Asian Health Services

Asian Health Services
12% reduction in premium costs, and out-of-pocket costs for employees essentially eliminated
David and his team at Nonstop have been changing the paradigm and coming up with a unique and innovative structure to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare premiums. We are pleased to be one of the many beneficiaries.
— John Chiang, CFO

Asian Health Services is a nonprofit community health center that offers primary health care services. They serve over 24,000 patients and over 100,000 medical, dental, and behavioral health visits annually.

Like many organizations, AHS was facing an unwelcome increase in their health care costs. Nonstop was tasked with reversing this trend, while maintaining a quality health plan for employees that continued to offer a buy-up option to a more expansive program.


The Nonstop Wellness Plan was implemented for 2015, reducing overall health care costs and increase employee benefits.

  • Reduced healthcare premiums by 12%.
  • Asian Health's utilization experience has put them on pace to generate an additional 3% to 5% savings annually through the Nonstop Return of Reserves program.
  • And these savings were delivered while improving employee satisfaction -- delivering a Platinum-plus program with zero co-pays and zero deductibles for employees, with an extended network of service providers.