Relationship between Nonstop and Ettore leads to better benefits and payroll systems

Case Study: ETTORE

$8,200 per month
All we want to do is give our employees the best benefits, best ease of use and the best cost. Our employees are Ettore, and we want to treat them right. That is what Nonstop is providing for us.
— Rufus Bunch, COO

As a 100-year old company with the first patent on the window squeegee, Ettore has been succeeding in the marketplace for a long time. However, the company was facing increasing healthcare and payroll costs and wanted to simplify the process for their employees. Ettore also suspected that they weren’t seeing the most cost-efficient plans for them due to carrier commissions


Since beginning work with Nonstop in 2013:

  • Nonstop has provided consulting that has saved Ettore over $20,000 in services.
  • Nonstop's HR and payroll technology have given Ettore employees back time and allowed the company to switch from a large provider.
  • Nonstop's comprehensive services have allowed Ettore to provide better benefits to their employees at a lower cost.