Case Study

San Francisco Study Center

Threats of Cost-Shifting Coupled with Poor Customer Service Were Impacting San Francisco Study Center’s Healthcare


San Francisco Study Center is a small nonprofit community service organization serving the Bay Area. In addition to providing research, editorial support, graphic arts, and fiscal sponsorship to Bay Area nonprofits, Study Center also has two nationwide imprints: Many Cultures Publishing, which markets and distributes multicultural curriculum materials; and Study Center Press, which produces and distributes books for human services professionals.

Billing issues, poor customer service, and confusion over multiple plans were heavily impacting Study Center’s employee healthcare offerings. In addition, rising healthcare costs meant that Study Center was facing the dilemma of shifting more expenses to employees. Study Center needed a completely new approach to healthcare for its small staff of 35 employees.


When San Francisco Study Center heard about Nonstop, they immediately invited Nonstop CEO David Sloves in for a conversation around their billing reconciliation and healthcare challenges. Nonstop was able to provide a comprehensive plan with reduced premium costs, reduced employee out-of-pocket costs, improved benefits, and the potential for significant Return of Reserves funds.

Provides research, editorial, graphic arts and fiscal sponsorship services to Bay Area nonprofits, foundations and public agencies.


San Francisco, CA

Number of employees


Estimated savings on Nonstop Wellness
Projected Employee out-of-pocket savings


"With Nonstop I feel like we are working with someone who truly understands nonprofits, and our budgetary needs and restrictions. Paying less for healthcare each month means that we now have more money to do our ‘real’ work of supporting the Bay Area communities with informational resources. It’s been a very positive experience working with Nonstop."

– John David Nunez, Bookkeeper


The Nonstop Wellness Plan was implemented for 2015, reducing overall healthcare costs and increasing employee benefits:

  • Annual premium rates were reduced by $7,448.
  • Study Center's lower than average losses have resulted in $14,000 in unrestricted funding being returned to the organization after just two fiscal quarters through the Nonstop Return of Reserves program.
  • Annual savings of employee out-of-pocket expenses are projected to be $5,000-8,000, with additional and cost-free benefits such as complementary and alternative care.
  • Study Center’s leadership team and employees also benefit from vastly improved customer service and training.