Benefits Like a Boss

Cold sweats, white knuckles, and big decisions. Leadership is about more than crunching budget numbers, creating company memos, and motivational speaking. True leadership arises when the stakes are high, facing the unknown, and when crisis is around the corner. These decisions have the power to change the personal and professional lives of those that count on you. Have you ever wondered what keeps other leaders like yourself up at night? Join us to hear leadership stories of impact and change!

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Our mission drives our service

The Nonstop team takes immense pride in our level of customer service and the ability to develop strong trusting relationships with our clients.

A healthy community is a thriving one. Early access and preventative care is key to driving the wellbeing of our communities. Everyone deserves equal access to comprehensive health coverage.

Nothing is greater than the power of human connection: no complicated automated phone system, no 45-minute hold for the next agent to get the answers you need.

Technology is the foundation for a better healthcare system. Nonstop’s proprietary technology means simple, streamlined, and more efficient benefits administration, claims management, and billing — all under one roof.