Value in Benefits
The health insurance solution for FQHCs

Motivated by rising health insurance premiums, Community Health Ventures, NACHC’s business development affiliate, created the Value in Benefits program to help control those costs while preserving strong employee benefits. Nonstop Wellness was chosen as the ViB solution in 2018.

Why Nonstop?

As part of the ViB Program, Nonstop provides a win-win experience for employees, health centers, and their consultants, who work to make our communities better. Nonstop offers premium cost-containment or reduction for organizations with 50 employees or more on benefits, and reduces or eliminates out-of-pocket costs for employees.

Impact Report

“Nonstop is not only a partner, but a friend, and all around-keeper. Having Nonstop Wellness, especially in uncertain times when employees are anxious and just afraid of what tomorrow will bring – knowing that their access to health care is NOT an unknown – allows them to come to work every day, putting patients and the needs and care of the WHOLE first because they know that they and their families are “safe” with Nonstop in their corner.”
– S. Michele Ottley, Director of Total Rewards for Unity Healthcare

Key benefits of the Nonstop Wellness Program for Employees
  • Customized and enhanced benefits without the need to change carriers
  • Eliminated or reduced deductibles, copays, and coinsurance
  • A focus on early access and proactive wellness
Key benefits of the Nonstop Wellness Program for Employers
  • Reduced annual premiums
  • Recruitment and retention support
  • A one-stop-shop for billing, claims, and benefits admin
  • No required broker or carrier changes
Example savings with Nonstop
Low Deductible
High Deductible

These examples are based on 150 employees on a health plan. Savings are not representative of all groups and are not indicative of results for all organizations.

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* Estimated savings based on employee and dependent consumption patterns.
** This data is a baseline representation of the Nonstop Wellness premiums compared to a mid-level traditional fully-funded health plan and is calculated as part of the Nonstop Wellness renewal process.